Seitec was founded on 1995 and since then it has been qualified partner for customers when it comes to specific queries concerning modern electronics. Product development, building automation, light engineering or infrared engineering are areas in which Seitec can work with customers to find the right implementions for any ideas and to find solutions for each solutions with the help of innovative technologies.

LED modules

LED modules are the key components in luminaire development and there are many kind of products on the market. Seitec LED modules are good quality, made in Germany products with flexible MOQ and good delivery time. In case of there is a need for different light colour, layout, efficiency, operating point etc, customized LED modules are available.

Light management

Light management products from simple plug&play system to a fully customizable HCL system are available in Seitec product portfolio.

German knowledge of modern electronics

Need good quality LED modules or help in light management ? Contact us !