Khatod is a leader manufacturer of optical solutions for the major LED’s, situated in Milan, Italy. Design, development of new technologies, production and post-production processes, testing and control, technical direction, management, administration – all operations are held on site. 

Khatod can offer to customers standard products from stock and also custom optics according to customer needs. All products are made from top quality materials, by using exclusive manufacturing processes and superior finishing.

Product portfolio

Khatod has a wide range of product types for different needs in lighting when optics, optical systems and lenses are needed:

  • General LED lighting
  • Wide area LED lighting
  • Lenses mad of silicone
  • Optical systems for MID power LED’s
  • Optical reflectors
  • Optical reflectors for COB LEDs
  • Lenses for IR LEDs
  • Lenses reflectors for UV LEDs
  • Optoelectronic components

Khatod. Advanced Technology, Unique Projects, Ready-to-Use

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