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Extensive experience from demanding lighting applications

Cerbelux is founded on the idea of customer service experience. We are available to our customers when they need us, personally. 


Our offering

Cupower LED drivers

We offer you quality products with top of the line european specification and international approvals.

Spezialized LED modules

We offer you the industry standard LED modules with flexible MOQ and good delivery time, made in Germany. If you need a different light colour, layout, efficiency, operating point etc., no problem. We’ve got you covered. With our partners, we offer customization of LED modules down to every detail.

Light management

We offer a variety of light management products from simple plug&play system to a fully customizable HCL system. Sensors can be implemented to both to optimize light quality and save energy.

testing and engineering services

ONgineer offers you extensive and, above all, reliable test scenarios – benefit from our 30 years of experience in the field of lighting electronics. Our test reports are professionally prepared and immediately understandable. It‘s easy to integrate content from it into your product presentations. Do you work with purchased parts? Are you thinking about new suppliers? We are happy to help you to ensure that you get what you pay for those sources.

Casting and metal working

The ALEXA-Group is a privately owned company with own production facilities in Qingdao and Gaomi (China), and Belovo (Bulgaria). They produce in their plants casted-, forged-, pressed- and turned parts in different materials and manufacturing processes. Their products comply with the latest technical standard and highest customer requirements.

”The ability to help our customers find the optimal solutions to their applications comes from vast background in lighting. We have been part of the complete journey of lighting from components to product design and from light planning to installation.”

Need help finding the best solutions? We are experts!